As specialists in the built environment we are experts in our clients’ affairs allowing us to write knowledgeably about their take on the world. We support businesses in four key areas: commercial interiors, commercial property, facilities management, and health and safety.



Workplaces are seen as a key weapon in the war for talent, as well as a tool to help people perform at their best. Meanwhile, people are increasingly choosing shopping and leisure destinations because of their design and ambience. The commercial interiors sector, combining architects and designers, design/ detail and build firms, contractors and a variety of product suppliers, helps businesses to provide the best environments for people, whether they’re working, shopping or enjoying free time. We work with several workplace interiors businesses supporting them with media and public relations, content marketing and copywriting.

Providing the best environments for people is key to helping them perform at their best


The UK commercial property sector, worth an estimated £683 billion, makes up a key part of the UK economy, as well as providing a platform for virtually all the country’s other major industries providing places where people can work, shop and play. Combining landlords, agents, investors and occupiers, the sector employs more than 900,000 people, contributing about £54 billion to the UK’s economy. Magenta provides a range of services to the corporate property sector from media and public relations to crisis communications.

The UK commercial property sector provides a platform for virtually all the country’s other major industries


Effective facilities management is vital to the success of organisations. As well as contributing to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives, on a day-to-day level it provides a safe and efficient working environment through maintaining, cleaning and securing buildings, and catering for the staff within them. Worth £110 billion, the sector is made up of major service providers, smaller specialist providers, advisers and in-house teams. Magenta supports a variety of organisations in the FM sector through media and public relations, crisis communications, social media marketing, content marketing and events management.

Effective facilities management is vital to the success of organisations and provides a safe and efficient working environment


Last year 142 people died in the course of their work and 611,000 were injured leading to an estimated loss of 4.1 million working days, on average 6.7 days per case. The occupational health and safety sector, which encompasses health and safety advisers and product and service suppliers, deals with all aspects of health and safety in the workplace with a strong focus on primary prevention of hazards. We boost the brand recognition of several organisations in the health and safety sector through awards writing, media and public relations, events management and perception audits.

A strong focus of occupational health and safety is on primary prevention of hazards