Like a local in Lyon

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…or at least trying to be.

With its 2000-year rich history, including the invention of cinema, Lyon was a no-brainer when it came to choosing Magenta’s annual team trip destination. Its nostalgic architecture split between the Rhone and Saone rivers made for the perfect backdrop to sightsee, enjoy delicious food, wine and even a little brainstorming.

What better way to start a trip than with food? Lyon is known as France’s capital of gastronomy due to its ability to blend different cuisines with a French twist. We sipped homemade lemonade whilst munching on falafel with hummus and baba ghanoush.

From there we boarded two small boats down the Rhone river. Just beyond the trees, sitting on the top of Fourvière hill, aka the ‘praying hill’, are the tips of the Basilica Notre-dame de Fourvière cathedral, Lyon’s emblem.

Lyon by night has just as much character as it does by day. With a laid-back hum throughout the city we leisurely strolled to dinner. We ate steak, fish, cheese desserts and even the vegan option over glasses of red wine and played card games.

When you can feel the September sun on your back during the team brainstorming session while devouring a French breakfast banquet, you know day two is going to be good. Here we planned for the future and how we can develop as a team. The team was introduced to slick new internal procedures from senior account manager Sabrina and client director Shahlia, while content manager Simon introduced the team to his content club.

With such little time left and so much of Lyon still to see, the M-People split into two groups – Team Scoot and Team Walk. Team Scoot rented Lime Scooters and explored the city, while Team Walk navigated by foot. Despite going our separate ways, we all found ourselves crossing paths at the same point, the Basilica Notre-dame de Fourvière. The cathedral, composed of two churches, one on top of the other, three domes and lit by six stained-glass windows, provides a beautiful bird’s eye view of the entire city.

Spending two days away with your team is a privilege Magenta is lucky enough to have, but it helps us build a strong bond within our small team. We left Lyon knowing each other a little better and with Mr. Sandman stuck in our heads. Don’t ask, just blame the newbie.

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