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Celebrating its 25th year, 100% Design opened its doors to the world of architecture and design last week, at Kensington Olympia.

With nearly 30,000 visitors passing through its doors annually, 100% Design is one of the UK’s leading celebrations of design and build. Show areas comprising interiors, kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms, 100% design and build, and emerging brands provided visitors with plenty to see.

Alongside the wide array of trade stands, were the 100% Talks sessions – spread over two stages across all four days. The programme included talks and panel debates with designers and manufacturers on sustainability, waste, up-cycling and more.

Always keen to hear from industry experts, the Magenta team was at 100% Design. Here are our highlights.

  • ‘Colour and Wellbeing’ by Dulux and Karen Hiller
    Colours hold connotations, so we’d be fools not to utilise this in design. We take colour in before anything else, and our reaction is stored in the part of the brain which controls behaviour.
  • The importance of restoration in circular economy – panel debate
    In 2018, 20 million furniture items were disposed of due to minor breakage or damage. Why throw them away, when we have a chance to upcycle and restore them to our own taste? Upcycling can add 20 years to the life of an individual piece.

  • Design as a living experience – Rainlight
    Design is a poetry – it’s not just about style. It’s about considering how design affects people – emotionally, physically, financially, and intelligently. Design begins with an open mind – the best designers are those who are open to collaboration.

  • The future of retail through experience – Fitch
    Play is a serious business. It encourages spontaneity and collaboration and expresses emotion that is otherwise repressed at work. Think of LEGO – the fundamental premise of the corporate business is play.

  • The Natural workplace – Ana Lourenco
    Timber has the same lifespan as concrete – 60 years minimum. When coated in fire-proof varnish, timber is almost as secure as concrete, too. Why do we need to use damaging resources, when wood alternatives can perform just as well?

There was a considerable focus on sustainability, usability and waste management at 100% Design’s 25th event. Not a single designer seemed to be unaware of the urgency behind the topic. The conversations were focused on thinking ahead rather than reflecting, and how we can continue to move in the right direction with regards to waste, utilising natural resources and the importance of taking more accountability for our work – something that can be applied to all walks of life, not just the design scene. Roll on 100% Design number 26.

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